Friday, January 11, 2013

A Couple Quotes for Today Re: Guns

The first from fellow TC contributor Vanessa:
Arming women so that they can safely make a trip to the grocery store is a gross display of patriarchal poverty that American men should find absolutely shameful. If your neighborhood is so unsafe that your woman lives in fear, you should move to a safer neighborhood or start a militia to clean up the place.
This is a great quote, and not because of its "man up" subtext, which I find annoying, coming as it does from a woman. No, I find this quote to be awesome because it alludes to the security deficit that the choice mommy household creates, by introducing "families" in huge numbers where the bio father is not persistently present, to say nothing of not welcome.

There is a security bonus that comes with resident bio fathers, whether they grab a gun and start a neighborhood watch or not.  Children, women--and men--all benefit when dads keep their daughters off the pole and sons out of the gang.  The presence of dads in a neighborhood bring an added element of order and safety that simply does not avail itself to neighborhoods without dads.  Then there is the protective covering that a properly socialized man extends over his woman and his brood...if the neighborhood is so awful that he arms his wife for fear of her being harmed, he does something about it, or he packs up the family and leaves.  He does not subcontract out the safety of his family to others who have no obligation to keep his family safe.

But all this assumes that the father is a patriarch. Which is a big assumption these in these days of living in the shadow of a soft matriarchy.

The second quote is from Stanislav Mishin:
There is a lot of desire to bad mouth the Tsar, particularly by the Communists, who claim he was a tyrant, and yet under him we were armed and under the progressives disarmed. Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question. They hate guns in those whom they have slated for a barrel to the back of the ear.
What is most noteworthy about this second quote is it is in Pravda.  Quite a interesting turn of the worm for those of us who grew up in the waning years of the cold war, taught to believe that Russians were evil Commies and, before that, the Tsar was a tyrant in sore need of a good revolution.

Curious that those who were most acquainted with tyranny and evil first-hand know the value of a freedom secured by a people who can defend themselves.  Like my poli-sci instructor in college.  A Pole who fled the Warsaw Pact as a youth and went on to become a naturalized American citizen, he had no love for the Left--be it Red or Brown. And he boasted repeatedly of having enough guns to arm his entire neighborhood if necessary.


Me said...

It's even more than that. The decline of marriage has also lead to the decline of the homemaker (married women have more children and are more likely to be home full or part-time when their children are young), so whole neighborhoods are abandoned all day, which encourages thieves.

In Germany, you have increased instances of burglars just going from house to house down the street, since there's nobody there except a few doddering old people. A ghost town full of jewelry, car-radios, and big-screen TVs.

No marriage... no husbands... no children... no homemakers... the problems are just compounding.

Vanessa said...

That was Vanessa. My blogger profile is a bit wonky, sorry.

newrebeluniv said...

The Term "arming women" implies that women are not social actors able to arm themselves. But since a good gun costs as much as a Coach bag, most women would prefer to leave all that security stuff to some anonymous man (police or militia organizer).

Women have a God given right to self preservation. And a God Given right and obligation to preserve the lives of their children. Independently of the presence of a man in their lives. Having a good man enhances her security and may make creating her own measures obsolete, but she still has the right/obligation.

Elspeth @ Breathing Grace said...

Yes Prof, women have a right as free and adult moral agents, to arm themselves. Nonetheless, Vanessa (I still have to get used to calling her that publicly) makes an excellent point.

As her post intimated, we have quite spirited discussions on the issue with her almost always falling in the minority (being raised in Germany).

Still, we agreed with her conclusions that women feel less safe for a whole host of reasons, and one of those reasons is the the lack of patriarchal leadership.

Yes, Elusive Wapiti, I agree fully with you that this is a choice women made for themselves and condemned themselves to.

The ghost towns full of jewelry and big screen TV's wouldn't be as prevalent in a neighborhood where there were more people at home during the day.

Elusive Wapiti said...

"so whole neighborhoods are abandoned all day, which encourages thieves...burglars just going from house to house down the street, "

I hadn't thought of this, but now that you mentioned it, it is entirely plausible and predictable.

Perhaps this phenomenon is attributable to the triple-whammy effect of the Industrial Revolution (which pulled dads en masse out of the home for employment), equalitarianism (which ushered in at-will divorce and trashed SAHM in favor of remunerated female employment and socialized supports for same) and the shift to a globalized knowledge/service economy (in which high-paying manufacturing jobs offshored and a high-paying/low-paying two-tier job market remained).

Interesting how each reform made the population more vulnerable to depredation.

Remo said...

But ladies you kicked your men out and kept the house and kids (and alimony, child support, both cars, all the furniture, etc.). Now you think because the neighborhood is unsafe that you get to demand that he hang around to protect you? But that would violate the falsely obtained restraining order you wanted!

You made a choice to get rid of the man and now having taking everything from him you bitch that he isn't there to protect you. And carrying a gun and being responsible for yourself is just so icky poo you can't stomach it as that would actually involve personal responsibility (is there any other word feminists hate more than responsibility?)

Boo hoo... Carry a rape whistle and hope the Crips, Bloods, and Los Locos are kinder to you than the divorce rape apparatus was to him. At least your pain will illicit some sympathy. Dads don't even get the free anti-STD drugs and state paid abortions after they are raped again and again and again for years.

Elusive Wapiti said...

@ Elspeth,

"one of those reasons is the the lack of patriarchal leadership....this is a choice women made for themselves and condemned themselves to."

Yes, and I'd like to offer another reason: I don't think men are socialized for marriage/patriarchy anymore either. Not even in the church. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've heard a sermon extolling male patriarchy and female participating in same. Added to this is a significant and strong manosphere meme is to avoid marriage, enjoy the decline, and engage in rational slackerhood for a fellow's own protection.

I even participate in/reinforce that meme to a certain extent, after having concluded that men, given the present social and legal climate, would do best to avoid marriage unless they are Believers and happen to locate a woman who is a Believer as well. If they're not in this demo, then my advice for them is to steer clear of it...with the unfortunate side effect that those avoidant men's energies and natural productivity are not harnessed for the benefit of families and the society as a whole.

Elusive Wapiti said...

While what you write is true for Team Woman as an aggregate, Remo, it doesn't apply to Vanessa or Elspeth, who AFAIK walk their patriarchy/traditional family model talk.

Sometimes it is true that NAWALT.

"And carrying a gun and being responsible for yourself is just so icky poo you can't stomach it as that would actually involve personal responsibility"

Yes. Happily for women as a class, there are plenty of jobs in the "outsourced neighborhood security" career fields, and plenty of men and women willing to code-enforce on disenfranchised or weakly attached men on the soft matriarchal State's behalf.

wanderling said...
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heresolong said...

Just out of curiosity, are these militias going to be armed with bunny rabbits? Or is the plan that they point and yell "stranger" when they see someone up to no good?

Elspeth @ Breathing Grace said...

Just out of curiosity, are these militias going to be armed with bunny rabbits?

The post wasn't advocating banning guns. Quite the opposite, in fact.

One woman at home isn't going to deter thieves. However, a neighborhood where most of the houses are occupied rather than empty will deter thieves.

ray said...

i'm with Remo

women collectively, using their governments (and myriad other tools) destroyed western masculinity, fatherhood, sonship, church, culture,family, and the ability of the average boy or man to have a normal, self-sufficient life

all this wasnt done out of civilizational-survival necessity, it was done out of greed, jealously, envy, hate, lies, pettiness, and an endless resentment of maleness that had no valid foundation whatsoever

as youve been told would happen, your nations are now imploding fast, largely b/c of our great Womens Liberation Movement, which long ago took over the west

now that the massive problems (systemic and individual) resulting from this Hate Movement (which almost all of you supported, in one way or another) are impacting FEMALES, instead of mere male-things, why, theres tremendous concern about how to protect the (ahem) innocent ladies from the very evil they manufactured, and insisted upon . . . cheering and mocking while they did so, and happy to leave that last guy locked in the mancages, or living in his car

uh uh babies, Grrrls with Handguns aint gonna get you out of this one . . . no more than stationing the NG in yr skools, or putting Homeland Security scum on the streetcorners

you wanted it, you got it, and you are going to eat the whole thing too

Elspeth @ Breathing Grace said...

@ ray and remo:

Explain how exactly Vanessa (32 and married 9 years) and I (41 and married 19 years) specifically contributed to the current problems wrought by feminism.

We agree with the complaints raised by EW and other thoughtful bloggers when it comes to the scourge of Western feminism, and I will even admit to having received some benefit from it although I never asked for anything specifically.

Bear in mind, gentleman: Just as the feminists would not have succeeded without the assistance of influential men in politics and the media, restoration of the balance will not be achieved without the influence of women interested in justice. We are not your enemies.

ray said...

"Explain how exactly Vanessa (32 and married 9 years) and I (41 and married 19 years) specifically contributed to the current problems wrought by feminism."

i re-read the comments by remo and myself, and neither "Elspeth" nor "Vanessa" are mentioned anywhere

yet you take the commentary as A PERSONAL ATTACK ON YOURSELVES which is EXACTLY what the SSisterhood does

criticise ANY woman, you have attacked ALL women . . . yet folks tell me there's no fem-herd, no fem-imperative lol

do males behave this way? no

indeed, i can write articles containing no person's name, and a month later, some woman who saw it seeks for some way to injure me personally . . . cuz, see, she just ASSUMED that when i criticised feminism or Team Woman, well, that means HER (might be a bit o Guilt-Response going down there, girls....)

and after she has taken her vengeance, with the aid of her glutted, avaricious Fempire State, she'll remain convinced lifelong that whatever evil she did to me was JUSTIFIED ... because, after all, i made HER FEEL BAD by calling females on their atrocious nonsense

multiply by 200 million, you get Gynogulag

"We are not your enemies"

perhaps as an individual you are, perhaps you arent, your level of complicity will be discovered eventually, and everyone will know (as with us all)

if you were obedient to God, and lived in humbleness and goodwill towards men, youll be ok, otherwise not

females, collectively, certainly ARE one of my my current enemies, as are their nation-states, particlularly in the West . . . as are their churches, as are their emasculate relatives and friends, who abet and profit from the disenfranchisement and destruction of masculinity and fatherhood

the Free Beatdown is o-v-e-r, and women (and enablers) are starting to get nervous, obviously

i'm actually a softie-romantic type, pretty easygoing, and about the LAST thing i was interested in 30 years ago was any kind of war (indeed i enlisted partly to avoid killing folks in nam, oh ok i admit, i didnt wanna be drafted either!)

but war was made on me anyway, no matter what behavior i attempted, no matter the quality of my efforts or contributions, it went on day after day, decade after decade . . . and it was made on hundreds of millions of other men and boys, quite deliberately and joyously

now that the scrap is on, i'll be sticking around til the jobs done, a few thousand years here, couple more there, it's all kinda blends eventually

if it takes a billion years, thats ok too, it'll be worth it, given what i've seen in my lifetime

i am hungry to witness the fruits of this rebellion against goodness and God, my eyes starve to see our oppressors humbled and condemned, and my God restored, and ruling over this backstabbing shithole of a planet

Elspeth @ Breathing Grace said...

It's possible I took personal a comment I should not have, but taking the comments by ray and remo (and elusive wapiti) in concert, it seemed as if the comments were direct responses to the comments we left.

That said, I admit that I often do commit that feminine mistake (taking persona what was not meant to be).

wanderling said...
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